Alan Wake 2 DLC Reveal Seemingly Being Teased for Summer Game Fest

  • Terry King
  • Jun 02, 2024
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Alan Wake 2 DLC Reveal Seemingly Being Teased for Summer Game Fest

Before Alan Wake 2 was released by Remedy Entertainment last year, it was announced that two paid extensions would follow in 2024 for the horror survival game. As recent hints indicate, signs suggest an imminent announcement for at least one of them.

The entertainment company has rebranded on social media, renaming itself Poison Pill Entertainment on Twitter and adjusting its profile picture and banner accordingly. The transformation seems closely related to Alan Wake, which is clarified by a post made by the company on Twitter, hinting towards Night Springs—a significant reference for Alan Wake fans.

Geoff Keighley, producer and host of Summer Game Fest, also alluded to a potential announcement at the forthcoming show scheduled for June 7, playfully suggesting so by tagging Remedy and including the eyes emoji in a tweet.

Remedy had previously revealed plans for the two expansions of Alan Wake 2, Night Springs and The Lake House. In Night Springs, players would embody various characters in standalone episodes based on the fictional TV show of the same name. The Lake House would revolve around an ominous facility on Cauldron Lake, where matters have drastically deteriorated.

Whether these extensions would be disclosed at Summer Game Fest is yet to be determined. Now seems like an appropriate time to discuss them further, as they are set for release in 2024. Remedy has also shared plans for a complimentary photo mode for Alan Wake 2 in spring 2024; expecting more updates soon.

Alan Wake 2, available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, has exceeded 1.3 million global sales and is Remedy's fastest-selling game despite not fully recovering the development and marketing expenses.

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